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Book Reviews

Career Choices & Changes

The collaborative work of Mindy Bingham and Sandy Stryker, Career Choices & Changes: A Workbook for Discovering Who You Are, What You Want, and How to Get It, provides the reader with an effective and very highly recommended personalized decision making process that will enable the reader to answer the fundamental questions of Who am I?, What do I want?, and How do I get it? Presented in a journal format, the text is thoroughly accessible, occasionally humorous, and turns a serious quest into a practical, non-intimidating, and fun adventure of self-discovery and short-term/long-term life goal planning for anyone at any time of life from 18 to 68. Career Choices & Changes is especially commended to the attention of anyone seeking to increase their self-knowledge, assess their preferred work style and occupational environment, in need of insight and advice on keeping their life in balance, solving problems, setting goals, making decisions, taking risks, tolerating anxiety, and promoting the skills and attitudes fundamentally necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing and always challenging marketplace.

-From Midwest Book Review

Berta Benz and the Motorwagen

Early one August morning in 1888 Frau Berta Benz and her two teenaged sons pushed Model 3 out of the shed and down the block so as not to waken Father once the flywheel was spun and the noisy little engine started. They were off to Grandmother's house, 60 miles away in the hills beyond Heidelberg. The car they had quietly borrowed was one of Karl Benz's tricycle Motorwagens, then, along with Gustav Daimler's, the only working automobiles in the world.

Off in gentle conspiracy they sped at 15 miles an hour-their overloaded vehicle traveling along a road utterly Innocent of engines and hostile 10 them by local law. The three had little driving experience. Although the Motorwagens had been mobile for two years, Karl had never taken one beyond a few prescribed streets and to the Mannheim railroad station, a half mile away from their house.

Intrepid, independent Berta-alone in the Benz household-realized that the future they foresaw for the little cars would not come until the public imagination was caught; this was her day to break the leash of timid use. The car needed water every hour or so: no radiator. Its fuel was a popular dry-cleaning fluid and could be eked out by stopping at every pharmacy en route to buy a few bottles. Tires were solid: no punctures, By afternoon a shoemaker was cajoled into replacing the leather brake lining that had burnt out down the sleep grades, Later, resourceful Bert replaced a broken spring control cable by the elastic she discreetly removed from her garter belt. They made it! News of their journey had preceded them and a lively torch¬ light parade came out from town to lead their roofless, lightless, horseless contraption down the final dark mile.

The text is lively, the events carefully authenticated and illustrated by page after page of color wash paintings of dazzling detail and evocative power: places, period costumes, a wonderful telegraph counter and plenty of cars past and present. This deliciously tendentious book has a timely moral in mind: Encourage your daughters 10 get dirty, take things apart and challenge the question as well the answer," (If you haven't any daughters, tell it to your sons).

-From Scientific American magazine


A realistic message for kids about self-reliance, wrapped in the romantic beauty of Paris, is the theme of a wonderful book titled Minou. Illustrated with dreamy watercolors by Japanese artist Itoko Maeno, the story tells of a pampered Siamese cat named Minou who’s forced to eke out an existence in the streets after her owner dies. Fortunately for our feline heroine, she meets a worldly and independent kitty named Celeste who teaches Minou how to make her own way in Paris.

-From McCall’s Working Mother magazine

My Way Sally

I am commanded by The Queen to thank you for your letter of 4th July, with which you enclosed a copy of My Way Sally. Her Majesty, as you would expect, read it with pleasure, admiring, in particular, the illustrations, which she though quite charming. It was a kind thought of yours to have sent it.
Robert Fellows
Buckingham Palace

Is There A Book Inside You?

Among the increasing number of self-help books on writing and publishing, Poynter and Bingham’s recent contribution is worth noting. It is intelligently compiled and written and, most important of all, it is responsibility encouraging.

The emphasis of the book is on very practical matters. Throughout, there are good samples and examples. Chapters include such topics as “Can I Author a Book?” “Getting Ready to Write,” “Negotiating and Contracting with Collaborators,” and “Publishing Options.” Of special note is the section on resources, in which the authors present a sizable list of related practical books, pamphlets and magazines, as well as information on the most useful reference guides and addresses of professional organizations. 
-From Book Research Quarterly

Career Choices

A cutting-edge curriculum...It is an outstanding and unique example of how core academic subjects can work together with vocational/technical education to create a new and exciting synergy in education.
-From ACTE, formerly the American Vocational Association

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